Bicycle Security

Deter bicycle thieves with ReuniteIT by LoJack

More than one million bicycles are stolen in the U.S. every year, making bicycle security a major concern for anyone who uses a bike for commuting or recreation. While about half of all stolen bikes are recovered by law enforcement or wind up in a lost & found, less than five percent are returned because there is no way to identify the owner.* Lost stuff is a problem, and we have the solution.

ReuniteIT by LoJack improves bicycle security by offering a solid identification method–so your recovered bicycle can find its way back to you.

ReuniteIT by LoJack and the National Bike Registry are working together on bicycle security, using the only property registration and recovery service that works in tandem with law enforcement to return lost bikes to their original owners. Because ReuniteIT by LoJack and the National Bike Registry work directly with the police, the odds that your lost bike will return to you are much higher.

Using ReuniteIT by LoJack for bicycle security is easy. Simply choose the size you need from our collection of asset tags, label your bike with our tamper-proof security label, register your item in our secure online database, and then if your bicycle is lost or stolen, whoever finds it can follow the instructions on the label to report their find. ReuniteIT by LoJack then identifies you as the owner and arranges for the item to be returned to you quickly–from anywhere in the world. It really is that easy to improve bicycle security!

Bicycle security starts with deterrence. ReuniteIT by LoJack has provided the best and most durable asset labels available. Our tamper-proof labels are designed to shred and leave a trace if any attempt is made to remove them. The bottom line: when faced with a choice between a ReuniteIT by LoJack-labeled bicycle and one with no identification, which do you think a thief would choose?

If you care about bicycle security, luggage security, or any other kind of asset security, get ReuniteIT by LoJack today and greatly increase your odds of getting your lost or stolen bicycle or other lost items back, and not have them sit in an anonymous lost and found department.

* National Bike Registry (NBRĀ®)

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